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CD Replication

cd replication

Neulogic utilizes the latest technology and quality control procedures to ensure production of the finest optical media on the market. CD replication is the core of the Neulogi operation. Our high-end replication facility is capable of producing CD-Audio, CD-ROM, DVD, CD-R, as well as shaped CDs. Neulogic manufacturing facility houses some of the most advanced CD replication equipment in the industry, providing the highest quality and fastest cycle times available. Our high-speed, precision injection CD molding presses utilize the latest robotic technology in the industry.

Audio CD Replication: The audio CD is the most commonly used physical media format for music. With its high level of fidelity, "CD quality" has become synonymous with superior sound quality.

CD-ROM Replication: The CD-ROM has transformed information technology, raising expectations of what can be accomplished in computing environments and providing a low-cost means for disseminating a wide range of digital information.

Whether you are looking for a CD replicator to manufacture a music CD or replicate a data CD, you will receive the best level of service in the industry.



industrial cd replication machine