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DVD Replication

DVD replication

Neulogic utilizes the most current DVD replication technology to ensure its position at the forefront of the ever-evolving DVD market.

Neulogic stringent quality control procedures and vigorous testing ensures that your final DVD product will conform to the highest standards. With a capability to replicate all current popular DVD formats, including DVD-5, DVD-9, and DVD-10, Neulogic can easily meet all of your project requirements.


DVD-5 Replication: A single-sided, single-layer DVD molded with a capacity of 4.7 GB, a DVD-5 disc contains information on only one side (Data Layer 0, Side 0). The DVD-5 disc usually contains a normal silk-screened label on the non-data side of the disc, much like a standard CD.

DVD-9 Replication: A single-sided, dual-layer DVD molded with a capacity of 8.5 GB, the DVD-9 disc physically contains user data on both sides of the disc, but is read from only one side (Data Layer 0, Side 0 and Data Layer 0, Side 1). Like the DVD-5, the DVD-9 disc usually contains a silk-screen printed label on the non-reading side of the disc. DVD-9 discs are different from DVD-5 and DVD-10 discs in that the DVD-9 utilizes gold to form a semitransparent layer. By changing wavelengths, the laser in the player can “penetrate” the gold layer to then read the aluminum layer. DVD-10 Replication: A double-sided, single-layer DVD is referred to as a DVD-10 with a capacity of 9.4 GB, the DVD-10 disc contains user data on both sides (Data Layer 0, Side 0 and Data Layer 0, Side 1). Instead of a full label print, the DVD-10 utilizes a small band printed about 2mm wide around the mirror band area on each side of the disc.

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